Weekly Contests

Weekly Contests

Friday of each week REFEREE releases a new social media contest. Current contest and winners of past contests are listed below. Congratulations and thank you to all who participate!

Contest Winners

Gabriel White (Colorado Springs, CO)

“I love officiating because my father loved it. He took me under his wing, it became our thing, and he mentored me to become one of the best.”

Brandon Will (Ventura, CA)

“I love to officiate because I have a passion for soccer, I get the best seat in the park and I get to give back to the community.”

Adrian Daigle (Port Allen, LA)

“I registered for the Summit@Home because I wanted to remain engaged in officiating even though the pandemic has cancelled games over the last several months. I have enjoyed attending the annual summit since 2015 and this summit, while different, was very educational. Thanks to NASO for another endeavor done well!”

Sonya Essis (Harrisburg, PA)

Stuart Ritter (Ellicott City, MD)

Louis Long (Dayton OH)

Jim Maddock (Washington, IL)

Steve Williamson (Longmont, CO)

Referee has always been a source for officiating information that you never get in camps or clinics like legal issues that affect officials or fitness tips.”

DuVal West (Providence Village, TX)
FJ – Sun Belt Conference

“A little road work and study with my Referee Magazine for the 2020 season…40+ year reader!”

Rory (Flower Mound, Texas)

“Thanks for the shirt! I am wearing it proudly!”

Donald (San Francisco, CA)

Referee Magazine is a great resource for all sports officials to learn and continuously hone their craft no matter what sport they are officiating!”